Too many Carmen Sandiagos

With being part of GEF and a few language programs, I hear about how many international students OU has aaaaaall the time. We’re supposed to be one of the largest takers of exchange students, and I’ve met a few of the recruiters who work tirelessly to get students from all across the world to come here. So, knowing that they’re apparently everywhere on campus, it begs the question:

Where in the heck are they REALLY?
I don’t know if I’m just blind, but for some reason I don’t know very many international students at all. I have met a few people through the rugby team here, but other than them I haven’t found anyone. The issue isn’t just with me, however; I have many friends who say the same thing. It makes me wonder: Are they hiding from us Americans? Can they only go out at night? Do they have invisibility cloaks? And on a serious note, why are there not more resources available to get Americans and international students together more often?

To be fair, there is OU Cousins, though there are certainly problems with the program, especially seeing as you can only have one Cousin. Also, there are international floors, but then the opportunity to meet them is reserved pretty much solely for the others who live on that floor. I remember how easy it was to meet Italians and other exchange students at the University of Bologna because of all the programs and clubs there. It seems to me that there should be a better method to get together with international students on a casual level. I had an idea for a club long ago, though nothing ever came to fruition because I left for a semester and I was far too busy this semester. I’m thinking next year is the year to finally do something about this odd drought of international students being friends with Americans.

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