Oh em gee Italian food

Is it bad that one of the things I’m most excited for in going to Italy is the fact that I’m going to stuff my face with wonderful Italian dishes and simply pray I don’t gain 100 pounds in one semester?

I don’t think so either.

I always thought I should have been born into an Italian family with how much I love pasta and pizza and all that jazz. I know that’s nothing special, but the point stands. The great thing about Italy, too, is that there are all sorts of hole-in-the-wall cheap restaurants that offer pretty dang good food too. It’s almost more expensive to shop at grocery stores and make your own food than it is to go out to eat, which is completely reverse to what it’s like here in America. I would be more than happy to just hop from place to place in the city of Bologna and try everything I can; it sounds like an absolute dream. Then again, I also hope I can make a lot of Italian friends who know how to cook so they can teach me all of their tips and tricks. I could come back and dazzle my friends and family with my knowledge of Italian cuisine, and what girl doesn’t like a romantic candlelight Italian meal? Not one that I know of, no sir. Everyone secretly loves pounding down a plate of noodles and uncinching their belt a notch. I mean, culture and history is cool and all that, but carbohydrates? That’s my JAM!

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