Eve of Nations

I’m sure a lot of GEF students went to Eve of Nations, so I’ll keep my thoughts short and to the point. For those didn’t attend/don’t know what it is, Eve of Nations is a night where the various international student groups on campus get together and put on song or dance numbers that show off a little bit of their culture. At the end of the show, a panel of judges from various different academic backgrounds chooses which group they thought did the best job, and it wins them magical powers from an ancient sorcerous tome (I wish). A dinner is also served that includes foods from across the world, such as Moroccan couscous and German cherry chocolate cake. Personally, I attended Eve of Nations Lite because I missed the first bus out to Lloyd Noble, and I also missed out on who won, but I can tell you who definitely should have: the Indian Student Association. They definitely had the best dance, and maybe I’m just partial to Bollywood music or something, but I really enjoyed watching it. A lot of the groups didn’t seem too polished other than the Indian group, though I suppose I should’ve seen that coming seeing as they’re not dancing clubs. A few of the other really cool ones were the Latin Dance Club and Tribal Village, although Tribal Village’s dance didn’t seem very traditional (although what do I know). One of the dances was kind of confusing: the Native American guest dance. There was a man and a woman, and while the man did dance around a lot, the woman simply walked slowly in a circle around him… I’m not sure whether or not that’s the whole point, but to me it looked kind of silly honestly. Regardless, it was fun to watch, as was the rest of the night; it’s something I would definitely attend again!

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