Baccano ya know

When I found out that Italian Club was reviving itself this year, I was so pumped. Baccano was basically underground for the first 2 years of me being at OU; it was pretty poorly managed, and there really weren’t any events to speak of. I always wanted to have a group of people I could speak Italian with but it was impossible to find them!

Obviously now that’s over, and thank Jeebus for it. I found out that the club was being revived on my way to adding an Italian minor and I couldn’t have been more excited. Even though it was a real bummer that I didn’t find out till halfway through the semester, I tried to go to every event possible. Turns out, that was very few, with me starting a new job and studying heating up, but I made it work. My favorite event in the Italian Club was a day called Caffe e Conversazione, where students and exchange students sat down in Crimson and Cream and had, well, conversations over coffee. It was fairly lowkey, and it gave me a good chance to sharpen up my actual talking and meet some new people to chat with. Believe it or not (he said sarcastically), it’s juuuuust a little bit difficult to find other Italian speakers in Norman, Oklahoma. Having Baccano back is a huge boost to my potential in Italian, seeing as that’s a whole group of people who are dying to speak Italian just as much as I am. I’m taking a few less hours next semester, so here’s to hoping I get to have coffee in Italian many more times over the spring.

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