Arabic Talent Show

A few weeks ago, the rest of the Arabic 1 students and I all took part in the Arabic Talent Show. It’s a big night where all the students and faculty get together to watch videos and skits from the classes, along with poems and stuff from other clubs. They also had the Belly Dance club (which was actually incredible to see). Us baby Arabic students didn’t have much to do, but we all sang this one Egyptian song called Baba Fein, a little kids song. We didn’t get a bunch of time to practice in class, and outside of class just wasn’t happening with midterms and finals, but we went to do it anyways. It couldn’t be that bad right?


We were genuinely terrible. No one knew the lyrics and everyone was awkward (COMPLETELY including myself in this by the way). It was really really fun just to go up there and put our all into it, but it had to be torture for everyone else. After we were done the clapping was noticeably less loud. Still, it was a great time and I’d do it all over again! The rest of the show was so much better and I really enjoyed that too. There was one particular video that a class had made where they redid Lord of the Rings entirely in Arabic. I have to say, while “My preciousssss” is an iconic line, “Habibiiiii” might have worked even better! It was really cool and inspiring to see all of these Arabic students really living up their time learning the language. I hope that one day I can go to that same talent show and actually have something worthwhile to show, but for now I’ll have to stick with memories of butchering Baba Fein.

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